We Create Eye Beauty Brand.

With Private Label, you can easily and effortlessly discover products that are a perfect fit for your business. Build eye beauty brand with love.  

Customizing your new product with us is as easy as going online shopping.

We have an intuitive smart process, an assortment of products, and efficient production capacity, so all you have to do is make the decision to invest in your brand.

By streamlining our response to your inquiries as well as the production process, Private Label will be able to deliver your product in no time.

Simply select the product and design you desire and put it in your shopping cart, and let us do the magic. We will present you with a result that is perfectly tailored to your brand.

Private Label Process

Step 1: Try Our Products

Your trust in our products matters to us. As such, we provide a free sampler kit for you to test it out yourself to check the quality and see how good it is.
*Delivery fee not included


Step 2: Create Your Brand

Now that you have tested the product, you’ve likely decided what you want to make for your brand. You can check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and packaging options in SHOP (on our website). You can also enjoy a faster, more convenient design process because we provide a design style look that is suitable for your brand.


Step 3: Confirm Order 

If you have requested a quote or draft, our correspondent will send you the invoice and draft within 24 hours (excluding holidays). Modifications are possible anytime, and once you have confirmed the product specifications and design, you can proceed with the payment.

Step 4: Production 

Once the payment is complete, we will begin production. Depending on the product, it may take 2-6 weeks. As soon as production is complete, we will send it through the shipping company of your choice.

No two of the same brand exist in the world.
AG can help you create an eyelash extension product that is a perfect fit for your brand.

- AG Private Label Team-

About Us


Founded in 2003 in Korea, a definitive leader in the global beauty market, AG founded the BL brand, which is recognized for its quality, innovation and service in the worldwide eyelash industry. With the experience of selling more than 15,000 products to over 5,000 partners in 73 countries, we now want to work with you, to help you achieve a brand that is unique and competitive.


Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for customers to launch eyelash brands. In the present era, we are blessed with e-commerce methods that definitely make our lives easier, but we are also overloaded with information and flooded with too many choices. You can now worry less. AG will help you grow and cultivate your brand quickly and easily.


We are constantly working to develop innovative, high quality eyelashes, glue and cosmetics. As a result, we can proudly say we have achieved the following:

- Development of and patent application for extension lash processing equipment
- Two granted patents related to fiber processing
- Seven patent applications including crimping and cutting of fiber surface
- Ingredients certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
- Health Canada certified ingredients

OUR Certification

Through the years